|  B U Y I N G  |

1  |   Are all the items Authentic? How do you know that the item is Authentic or not?

Yes, we only sell authentic items. Shopping with Le-Portier is the safest way to shop luxury items especially
for pre-loved. We put a lot of effort and money to ensure that every item is authentic before it is listed on our website. Unlike many of our competitors, we require every item to be shipped to our office so we can professionally photograph and authenticate the item. This is the only way we can make sure that every item is 100% authentic before we post in on our website. We also have a partnership with a professional company based in the U.S. that has more than 15 years of experience in authenticating luxury brands to authenticate for particular brands and models which are known to have super fakes in the market. All of this so you can shop with peace in mind. 

2  |   What is COD (Cash on Delivery)?

Cash on Delivery is an option to buy from Le-Portier where you can see the item first before you pay for them. 

    • Our private porter will deliver the item straight to your house.
    • You see and inspect the item
    • if you like the item, you will make the payment to us
    • After the payment is confirmed, we will inform the porter to give the item to you*
      This is the safest way to shop luxury items, especially for pre-loved.

3  |   Do you Offer COD (Cash on Delivery)?

Yes, we are the first luxury consigment store that offers COD in 3 cities: 
Jakarta . Surabaya .  Medan
and coming to your city soon.

4  |   Do I Need to Make Down Payment to Choose COD?

Yes, this is needed to cover our costs to ship the item to your city in case 
you choose not to buy the item. The down payment varies depending 
on your city, please contact our Customer Service for more details.

5  |   Do Items Come with Original Dustbag and Packaging?

You can always check if the item comes with its original dustbag and 
packaging in the display page in our website. If the item does not come with its 
original dustbag and box, don't worry, you will get our beautiful Le-Portier 
dustbag and box for free, so the item can be safely shipped to you.

6  |   What Payments Methods do You Accept?

We accept bank transfers, click pay, and credit card payments via our partnership 
with DOKU (Indonesia’s paypal)
Our latest addition is Installment option which is currently available only for Mandiri card holder. This option is not available for Cash on Delivery service.
Installment only applies to items with minimum total value of IDR 2,500,000.
For 3 months, there will be additional charge of 1.5%
For 6 months, there will be additional charge of 2.5%

7  |   Are the Items’ Images Shown in your Website the Actual Item Listed for Sale?

Yes, we take detailed images of every product that we sell ourselves from our office. 
Especially with pre-loved items, we do our best to provide images of the areas that 
has signs of wear and tear.

8  |   Do you Offer Layaway / On-hold?

Yes, item(s) can be hold for free for maximum 48 hours.
For more than 24 hours hold, we require down payment to be made.
If after the given time, the customer decides to cancel for whatever reasons, 
the down payment is non refundable.

9  |   Do you Offer Free Shipping?

Yes, you get complimentary free shipping for every purchase. For Jakarta, Surabaya, and Medan, Le-Portier’s private porters will personally deliver the item to you. For other cities, your item will be shipped via JNE with insurance included.

10  |   Can I return my items?

Items that are eligible for returns are as follows:
- Shoes and Accessories ONLY.
- Items are returned within 2 days upon arrival at customer's shipping address.
- Excluding items from SALE tab and BRAND NEW items.
- Items returned with Le-Portier's tag attached and at the condition of when it was sold.
We only do refund in the form of STORE CREDITS with the same value as the returned items.
If you believe the items purchased to be inauthentic, please contact our Customer Service.

We are taking measures to make sure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase before you pay for the item. That is why we have authenticated and provided actual photos of the items. Lastly, we highly recommend you to do COD so you can inspect the item yourself before making the final payment.

11  |   Do you accept instalment? 

          For we accept   For mandiri installment min purchase 2.500k, with rate : 

        - 3 months additional charge 1.5%

        - 6 months additional charge of 2.5%

|  S E L L I N G  |

1  |   What Items Can I Sell?

We only wear 20% of what’s in our wardrobe, and the other 80% is just eating up the space in our closets. But hey, these unwanted items are actually worth a lot of money and has very high demands. Here you can sell your handbags, shoes, and accessories; but please check whether your item is in our “Accepted Brands List” beforehand. And stay tuned, we are planning to expand our category so you can get rid more of your unwanted items.

2  |    How do I Sell my Item?

Le-Portier wants to be your personal porter to help you sell your unwanted items in your closet so you can make room for new ones. Selling with us is a piece of cake, and also hassle-free! Here are the easy steps to sell your items:
Give us the information about the items you want to sell from our website. It’s simple and it takes less than a minute.
  • You get to decide the selling price yourself. If you don’t know the price, our experts will recommend the best market price to you.
  • Our private porters will pick up the item straight from your doorstep if you are located in Jakarta, Surabaya, and Medan. Located in other cities? Don’t worry, we have a partnership with DHL where we will pick up the item from your house.
  • The item is posted on our website, after we authenticate and professionally photograph them.
  • The item is sold, and you will receive your payment within 7 working days after the sale.
*You can track the progress of your consignments in “My Consignment” page in our website

3  |   Do you have to hold the item first for consignment or can I just ship only after the item is paid for?

It is our policy to pick up the item from you first. This is the only way we can make sure the item is authentic and also so we can ship the item fast after they’re sold. In return, the buyers will feel safe in shopping with us hence your item will sold quickly too.


4  |   How do you pick-up my items?

If you are located in Jakarta, Surabaya or Medan
Our Private Porters will personally pick up your item straight to your doorstep.
If you are in other cities in Indonesia, we have a partnership with DHL that will
pick up the item straight from your house too.

5  |   How long does it take for an item to sell?

It varies for different items, depending on the popularity, the condition,
and the price of the item. But on average, the item is sold within 30 days.

6  |   How Much do I Get When My Consignment is Sold?

We do not charge you anything until your item is sold, despite our services to you which include the free pick-up, authentication, and professional photoshoot. We have a fix commission-rate policy, so this way we will try to sell your consignments at the best price so we both are happy. Here is what you will earn for your consignments depending on the sale price:

IDR 0 - 4.999.999 : 80%
IDR 5.000.000 - 24.999.999 : 85%
IDR 25.000.000 - 74.999.999 : 90%
IDR 75.000.000 - 124.999.999 : 92.5%
IDR 125.000.000 - and above : 95%

7  |   What if My Consignments does Not Sell?

In the rare occasion where the item does not sell in 90 days, you have an option to renegotiate the price or we can always ship the item back to you.
*Items will be in our warehouse for 3 months starting from the date they appear in our website and/or the date owner receive and confirm consign summary. 
Shipping fees are charged to each items returned with the details as follow:
Bag (IDR 150.000,-/pc), Shoes (IDR 100.000,-/pair), Accessories (IDR50.000,-/pc). 
We will process the return in 5 working days once we received the payment confirmation of the shipping fee payment.